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It feels like many Cardiff fans go through the same seven circles of season ticket renewal every summer when it comes to committing to returning to the Arms Park for another campaign.

There’s the anger that a season has invariably finished with some sort of disappointment or embarrassment, the frustration that nothing seems to change, the apathy towards the whole thing, the sadness that it’s reached this point again, the hope that maybe next year will be different, the excitement to be back at the Arms Park, and the regret when results never get any better.

It’s a never ending cycle that ultimately we can’t break no matter how hard we try, and that’s simply because we love the club and supporting it is more than the 80 minutes of on-field action on a weekend; it’s about the drinks in town before the game, meeting up with friends, the buzz of the Arms Park atmosphere, socialising with any away fans, and having something to look forward to during the week.

So when results like a 52-24 loss to Glasgow occur, it certainly tests your resolve to continue spending time and money supporting the team when there’s little sign of improvement and the heavy losses are piling up.

However, when you look across the border towards Worcester and onwards to Coventry for Wasps, it puts a sense of perspective on things with those clubs facing incredibly uncertain futures, and the Warriors in particular seemingly just days away from going to the wall.

Whether the community of Coventry has properly ever embraced Wasps is another discussion for another time, but certainly in Worcester the loss of the rugby club would leave a massive hole in the local area, while supporters of both teams will be left with a chasm in their lives without that weekend escape that the rugby can provide.

So while Cardiff may continue to frustrate and enrage with their performances, and even though I’m lucky to have other things going on, it is certainly a reminder not to take the ability to get together with friends, have a few drinks and watch some rugby on the weekend for granted, because the way Welsh rugby is going it may not be too long until we are in the same position as those English clubs.

Hopefully the outcome will be a positive one for all teams, and jobs will be saved along with the passions of supporters, with good times sure to make up for the bad ones. In the short-term though, it’s important to enjoy what you have while you have it.

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