Cardiff to appoint supporter advisor to the board

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Cardiff Rugby have announced that applications are being welcomed for the role of Supporter Advisor to the club’s Board of Director in order to forge closer relations between the management and the terraces.

It is the culmination of a number of years work undertaken by the CF10 Arms Park Rugby Trust, who made a Supporter Director a key aim when setting up in 2016, and was confirmed at the recent Annual General Meeting.

The Supporter Advisor, as the official title will be, will be an observer at board meetings but have full speaking rights with chairman Alun Jones stating that he hopes “this appointment will change the dynamic between club and supporters from ‘us and them’ to ‘we’re all in it together’ and provide us with further insight into local fan culture and expectation”.

A role profile and personal specification have been put together with the candidates needing to show their suitability and fulfilment of the personal specification, commitment to Cardiff Rugby over the years, commitment to listen to and represent supporters, and communication skills.

Supporters wishing to put themselves forward for the position must complete the nomination form, sending it along with their CV to Richard Holland, Cardiff Arms Park, Westgate Street, Cardiff, CF10 1JA or by Monday 15th November.

Candidates will then be scrutinised before successful applicants are put through to the voting stage. Shareholders, season members, members of CF10 Arms Park Rugby Trust and members of the Cardiff Rugby Supporters Club will have one vote each, even if they fall into more than one category, with voting beginning on Monday 29th November and closing on Monday 13th December before the winner is announced.

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