Cardiff Blues unveil 2019/20 home jersey

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Cardiff Blues have released a new home jersey for the upcoming 2019/20 campaign.

It is the second jersey produced by Italian manufacturers Macron, who this year have change their branding on jerseys, placing their symbol rather than company name on the right hand side.

The design features a traditional looking navy blue collar above a lighter blue panel covering the top of the chest, top of the back and the sleeves. The rest of the jersey is also navy blue.

There is also a continuation of the regional clubs being listed in the panel running down the side of the jersey.

Land Rover continue to sponsor the jerseys, with new sponsors Hugh James Solicitors and The Indigo Group taking their place on the top of the first time.

The jersey will be available to view and purchase for the first time at Summerfest.

It is believed that last season’s alternate jersey will continue to be used in 2019/20 with a new European jersey expected closer to the start of the Challenge Cup in November.

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