Cardiff Blues respond to CF10 open letter

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Cardiff Blues have issued a statement in response to the open letter published by the CF10 Arms Park Rugby Trust last week calling for better engagement from Cardiff Blues Ltd and Cardiff Athletic Club.

It followed the embarrassing saga of CAC making a statutory demand for payment owed on the rent for Cardiff Arms Park, which could have led to a winding up order being issued against CBL, should the rent have not been paid inside three weeks.

The letter criticised both organisations for “a lack of respect shown to stakeholders by both parties”, stated supporters and members have “a complete lack of confidence that the challenges facing Cardiff rugby can be effectively solved” and laid out four key issues that must be addressed moving forward.

In response Cardiff Blues have penned the following statement after CF10 Chairman David Allen and Secretary Huw Jones met with Cardiff Blues CEO Richard Holland and Communications and PR Manager Mike Brown.

“Cardiff Blues acknowledge the open letter from CF10 Arms Park Rugby Trust and the concerns of all supporters regarding the failure to progress plans for Cardiff Arms Park. We are currently engaged in a new round of talks and all partners are committed to using their best endeavours to ensure that the optimum outcomes are achieved for professional and semi-professional rugby at this famous ground. We will discuss means via which shared objectives and progress towards achieving these objectives can be better communicated to stakeholders, but reiterate that we shall do so directly and not via social or other media.”

Cardiff Athletic Club were also invited to the meeting but were unable to send a representative due to short notice. They did, however, express a desire to be included in future discussions between CF10 and Cardiff Blues.

In response to the Cardiff Blues, CF10 Arms Park Rugby Trust said, “We welcome the statement and its positive intentions and sincerely hope that these are translated into tangible progress in coming months.

“We particularly appreciate the willingness to explore how the communication with stakeholders can be improved and look forward to significant improvements in this respect. The issues raised in the open letter will continue to be on our agenda in the coming weeks and months and we shall continue to monitor developments closely on your behalf.”

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