Opposition View: Glasgow Warriors

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This week’s Opposition View comes from @ThePenGW who offers his thoughts on a tricky festive period for Glasgow and how important today’s game is.

Obviously it’s not been a great Christmas period for Glasgow with three losses, what do you put that down to?

Edinburgh have the hex over us. They just know how to shut Glasgow down and stop them getting their game going. Too many players failed to turn up and that ran to the Benetton game as well.

Is there a risk of any serious loss of confidence, or is it just a minor blip in the season?

I hope it’s the latter but I can’t say for definite. Last season we were flying high at the top of the league until Christmas and then the form just seemed to drop off all together. It’s a definite worry.

How timely is this switch of focus back to European action for Glasgow?

Not sure it offers any respite in all honesty. There’s probably more pressure on this game as a win a bonus point are required or it could be curtains for Europe this season. If we have to go to Sarries and get something I’m not sure we could.

With this being a great chance for the Warriors to qualify for the knockout stages for the second time, are the next two games season defining?

This one certainly is. As I said, I don’t fancy going to Sarries and relying on that game to get points. We’ve managed to get points against Cardiff so far and we need to ensure we do the same again. An we handle the pressure? Only time will tell. We need to get out this slump.

Who is the Glasgow player to keep an eye on this Sunday?

Stuart Hogg. It’s been a quiet season for him so far due to injury and knowing him, he’ll be fired up and ready for this one. He has the ability to unlock any defence and with everything on the line, Hoggy will come good.

Finally, what is your prediction?

Glasgow win with a bonus point simply because it’s what we have to get. I’d like to think the boys will be raring to go and get themselves out of this rut.

Thanks to The Pen for his views, I fear he may well be right in his prediction but hopefully we can put up a fight at least!

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