Opposition View: Glasgow Warriors

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This week’s Opposition View comes from @ThePenGW ahead of our Heineken Champions Cup game against his Glasgow Warriors at the Arms Park on Sunday.

It’s been a strong start to the season from Glasgow Warriors, bar a bizarre defeat to Kings, are the team now settling in under Dave Rennie?

Definitely. They seem to be playing his game and some of those players he brought in last year are now fit and have had a full season under their belt and look like the players we were promised.

Does the emergence of Edinburgh under Richard Cockerill please you in the sense that it takes the pressure of Scotland call-ups off Glasgow and adds some extra competitiveness during the season, or would you prefer them being the little brothers, so to speak?

Scottish Rugby and Glasgow needs a strong Edinburgh. It will hopefully lead to a better spread of call-ups and with great wins like that against Toulon, it shows they’re on the up. It only bodes well for the national side. Hopefully they don’t do so well against us mind!

Tough game against Saracens last week and Glasgow were rightly frustrated by some refereeing decisions. A tough one to take or do we just accept Sarries will beat us all and we’re battling for second place?

Bit of both really. Refereeing was very poor and Sarries defence was incredible but if we’d taken points when we had them on offer, it could have been a very different game. Sarries are definitely the benchmark and the team I’d expect to top the group.

Loads of quality packed into the Glasgow squad even without Stuart Hogg and the departed Finn Russell, who is your danger man this weekend?

I’d highlight two. Adam Hastings has been on fantastic form this season and he’s the real danger man at the moment. Sarries were able to shut him effectively last week and that showed as Glasgow didn’t get much on go forward ball.

Adam Hastings has been a standout for Glasgow

In addition to him I’d say Huw Jones, who’s come back from injury looking like the Scotland Jones rather than the one we’ve seen. Either could cause Cardiff problems.

What have you made of Cardiff Blues so far this season?

Great win over Munster and what a result in Lyon. The Blues are always a tricky team to play and they’ll be bloody difficult to beat, especially at home. They look like they have a bit more about them this season and confidence will be flowing.

And finally, prediction for Sunday?

Tough to call but I’m going to say a win for Glasgow by five points. You’ll be hoping I’m wrong!

Thanks to The Pen for his insight, and I’m definitely hoping that prediction is wrong!

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