Opposition View: Gloucester

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In a special European Challenge Cup Final edition of the Opposition View, Marc from @RugbyGlaws gives his thoughts on Gloucester ahead of our showdown in Bilbao on Friday night.

How pleased have you been with Gloucester’s season so far?

I am certainly more than pleased with the overall season. The club had an unexpectedly positive start to the season, which caught everyone by surprise, including many of the fans.

The second half of the season was that of some difficult Holm truths. Had the kicking boots been on against Newcastle, Gloucester Rugby would have finished 6th, as they would have if they had sneaked a losing bonus point in the final match.

I am certainly more than pleased, I am proud.

Fraser Balmain Gloucester
Fraser Balmain carries against Newcastle

What has been the standout Gloucester game?

The standout game for me was the first game of the season, at Holm to worthy champions Exeter. We won. It was certainly not expected, and it set the tone for the first half of the season.

Who has been the standout Gloucester player for you?

The standout out player for me is Jason Woodward. He has all the attributes of a world class player, but on his arrival at the beginning of the season he was largely an unknown quantity.

Jason Woodward Gloucester
Jason Woodward has been tipped for an England call-up

How impressed, or otherwise, have you been with Johan Ackermann since his arrival?

I believe that any organisation or movement is carried on the shoulders of one or two remarkable people. A top flight club needs one or two remarkable players on the pitch, and it requires one or two remarkable off the pitch. And, it is when any of those remarkable leave or join a club that remarkably good things begin to happen, or the rot sets in.

Johan Ackermann is a remarkable man, whom I believe is on the lookout for one or two remarkable players, so that he can drive forward a vastly recharged Gloucester Rugby.

How much do you know about the Cardiff Blues side you will face on Friday?

My passion and hobby is connected solely with Gloucester Rugby, I am not a true rugby fan in the fullest sense, and so, rudely it may appear, but I know very little of Cardiff Blues.

Johan Ackermann Gloucester
Johan Ackermann took over as head coach at the start of the season

Prediction for the game?

My prediction is a close running game. Gloucester to win by 7 points.

Thanks again to Marc for taking the time to answer the questions, and here’s hoping for an exciting running game of rugby union.

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