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A brief break from European quarter-final week to bring you some updates on this blog, plus some new projects coming up in the coming weeks and months. Let me know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter @CardiffRugbyWeb.

The Site

Starting with itself, over the off-season the website will undergo a bit of a re-design as the current setup is a bit restrictive for what the site has become. It’ll involve a slimming down of the menu titles and a subsequently easier to use navigation system, while also generally looking somewhat better! Keep an eye out for that.

There will also be a more settled way of posting on the site, which will generally be week long pattern of a match preview, opposition view and match report on the weekend, followed by a match analysis, opinion piece and series article such as the development pathway news item or the comings and goings transfer news.

Occasionally the opinion pieces are publicised via Ultimate Rugby, while the match previews and reports are publicised via the CF10 Rugby Trust site, but all are always posted direct to here as well.

This posting pattern does leave some gaps, as I am just one man, but if you have a burning desire to write on something to do with Cardiff Rugby, then feel free to e-mail an article to, like Steve Coombs did just the other week with this excellent piece, don’t be afraid!

Comments and feedback are always welcome via the comments section on articles, Twitter openly or DM, or via e-mail. I’m also pleased to hear from people and/or have a debate about the rugby, and thank you for all the support of the site so far.


At the start of the year I floated on Twitter the idea of a Cardiff Blues based podcast and the reaction was very favourable. I’m now in more of a position to outline some plans on this, which, all going well, will come to fruition for next season.

The plan is to record once a week, at least while the team are playing every week, with the podcast covering a review of the last match, a look forward to the next match and any other news that has cropped up.

Due to me working shifts and living in the murky world of Carmarthenshire it’s not possible for there to be a set day of recording, although there will be a consistent publication day. Therefore, some weeks the podcast shall just be me ranting to myself for however long.

However, at least once a month I shall board the horse and cart to Cardiff and have an open podcast session somewhere in the city, hopefully in the clubhouse, where people can feel free to come along and contribute to the discussion. If you are interested in being one of those people then let me know via the comments/Twitter/e-mail and I shall keep you in the loop as and when there is progress.


Something which I haven’t mentioned on social media, but that I have been working on slowly, is some Cardiff Rugby based clothing. There’s a supply chain more or less setup, although I haven’t secured a way of hosting the shop online yet.

I’ve put together a few early versions of designs, some of which look like this…

Cardiff Rugby 1876

King of Tonga Design

Since 1876

Cuthbert Design

These are only very early first drafts, but the gist of the idea is there. A ‘Since 1876’ range, coupled with a few topical designs. The t-shirts will come in a range of colours, while there will hopefully also be jumpers and accessories like mugs and phone cases.

I know I’ve been underwhelmed by the casual wear on offer for a number of years now, so I’d like to think there will be a market for them. The items will hopefully not cost more than about £20 including p+p, with any profit made being donated to the Stay Strong For Ows campaign, as this is not a money making scheme.

Again, feel free to feedback any comments on the designs shown, or if you have any ideas for other designs then they can be looked into. Hopefully this will also be up and running for the start of next season.

Social Media

Obviously the Twitter account is up and running, and has established well with approaching 1,200 followers and plenty of interaction there. I will be setting up an account in the scary world of Facebook as well over the summer, so if you do have a FB profile then any support over there would be appreciated.

Keep up to date on Twitter for now though and any developments in the above plans shall all be revealed there. Come on Cardiff!!



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