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After a very successful first season of the blog last season, where the number of views was vastly higher than I expected, I’ve done a bit of updating and re-branding of the site for the coming season.

The main change is the website address, which is now Alongside this my Twitter handle has also changed, I am now @CardiffRugbyWeb for readers who follow me on the social media.

As for the reasoning behind this it comes from wanting to acknowledge Cardiff more in the titles and brand of the blog, so that it balances up with the substance in the articles. As things stand I am referring to the club exclusively as Cardiff or Cardiff Blues in texts, quite rightly as that is our name.

However, with my Twitter username and blog URL being ‘The Blues Life’ it creates some mixed branding. It also leads to confusion with Bedford and Auckland rugby sides also being ‘the Blues’ and plenty of other sports team using the same nickname.

Only 1 of the first 33 results of searching ‘Blues Rugby’ in Google are Cardiff based
I’m not going to get into a big debate over the branding and advertising of the club as it is an extremely touchy subject for people on both sides of the argument, and also as I try to keep the blog away from off-field debates unless they directly affect on-field developments.

What I will say is that my personal opinion is that the club is called Cardiff, they play in Cardiff at the Cardiff Arms Park, the fans chant Cardiff and the history of the club is that of Cardiff, one of the most famous rugby names in the World. This is why I’ve changed the blog name to reflect that. 

‘The Cardiff Rugby Life’ now begins but the output is the same, match previews and reports, big news and opinions. There’ll also be a full squad report out through pre-season. As always opinions and contributions are welcome and I can be found through the contact page.

Thanks for all the support throughout last season and hopefully for a very successful season to come. Come on Cardiff!!

Cardiff Arms Park, home of Cardiff Rugby

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