An Apology to Lou Reed

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This must be how The Sun feels everyday when they print something that is wrong! I may have written some mean things in the Montpellier away match preview about second row Lou Reed. I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to Lou and acknowledge what an impressive game he had out in France during a brilliant all-round battling performance.

The exact quote from that preview read, ‘I hate Lou Reed. I wouldn’t even pick him for Cardiff RFC. A rubbish decision from Wilson, and I don’t like criticising him.’ It seems I even need to apologise to Danny for doubting him, he sees things us mere mortals don’t! I would pick you for Cardiff RFC by the way Lou.

Lou Reed
Lou Reed was actually good!

 Anyway, the whole team put in a massive shift in defence during the second half, and Lou Reed was a massive part of that putting in some solid hits and disrupting plenty of driving mauls. If it weren’t for the indiscipline of others we might have won it, and also if we had a different referee.

One big thing which I noticed on Thursday night was how Reed is disciplined to his position. He’s not one of these locks who appears out on the wing to clog up an attack, he’s in the middle of the pitch hitting rucks, right where you want him. Yes his ball carrying and lineout jumping need work, because let’s be fair he’s not the most agile. But, if he carries on with big defensive performances like that, I wouldn’t be averse to keeping him on as a decent squad player. You never know, I may be the founder member of the Lou Reed fan club by May.  

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